How To Widraw Money Using The BRIMO Application

Cara ambil uang pakai brimo, cara mudah tarik uang pakai aplikasi brimo
edukasibahasainggris-Good morning, readers, wherever you are....this time English education will share how to withdraw money from an account using the BRIMO application.

BRImo is a BRI Digital Bank Financial Application, BRImo is the newest BRI Internet and Mobile Banking Application based on internet data that makes it easy for BRI customers and non-customers to be able to transact with the latest User Interface and User Experience and other interesting features with a choice of Source of Fund/ source of funds for each transaction can use an account Giro/Savings.S

ource: Bri Brimo 

Well, let's go straight to the tutorial "how to take money at a BRI ATM without an ATM card", if you don't have the Brimo application, please download it on PS, then type Brimo and activate it to the nearest BRI unit, if you already have the application and it's active

This is the way to get the money.

First, Look for Link BRI ATMs that can be used for cash withdrawals 


Select Menu Deposit/Withdraw Card Cash, or click the bottom button on the left side

Widrow money using brimo

Enter the 6-digit Withdrawal Code that you got on the BRIMO application
Bri mobile
Enter the Mobile Number used on BRIMO

Please take your money, make sure the amount of money you withdraw is what you want.

That's a tutorial on how to withdraw money at a bri atm without an atm card, hope it's useful.


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