Tips on Visiting Tourist Attractions

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Good evening visitors everywhere you are, hopefully nothing will diminish everything, Amen. The previous education was shared about "Honor Teacher's Hope on Teacher's Birthday 2019" and "Biography Of Ziva Magnolya" as well as about "CPNS Formation for English Teachers", Hopefully these articles will be useful and will broaden their horizons, Amin . And on this occasion I will share about "Tips on visiting tourist attractions". Indonesia has many tourist attractions, both natural tourism, religious tourism, cultural tourism and other tourism, because Indonesia has a combination of tropical climate, has thousands of uninhabited islands, and the third longest coastline in the world. In addition, Indonesia has many regional languages, according to Wikipedia there are 719 regional languages, namely Javanese, Sundanese, Indonesian, Madura, Batak, Minangkabau, Bugis, Acehnese, Balinese, Malay, Banjar, etc.

The most tourist attractions in Indonesia and frequently visited by foreign people are Jimbaran Beach which is located in Bali, coral and fish scenery in Raja Ampat, Kelimutu National Park, Sianok canyon in Bukittinggi city, Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Prambanan Temple in Central Java , etc.
That's a little knowledge about the richness of Indonesia, Let us return to the topic "Tips on Visiting Tourist Attractions".

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Tips on Visiting Tourist Places, Among them are:
1. Check Location / Place Survey
Before you go to the destination of the destination, you should check / survey the location first, if far you can ask a friend who is there or ask a friend who has visited there. You can also browse on the internet, because many tourist destinations are already on the internet, both on Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc.

2. Bring Only Important Items
ltems that are not important you should not bring when visiting tours, because it will disturb you, bring only important items, such as cellphones, powerbanks, clothing (not excessive), soap, etc.

3. You Must Comply with the Rules of the Tourist Attractions Visited.
In tourist attractions there is usually a ban, because of this you must obey the rules of the tourist attractions, such as in Baduy in not allowed to bring a camera / forbidden to take pictures.

4. Bring Enough Money
Even though you have a lot of money you should not keep it in your wallet or bag, just keep it in atm.

5. Lock the hotel room if you want to leave.
You should always lock the hotel room if you leave it for only a short or long time.

6. Avoid Extreem Selfies

7. Shop in the local language
Visiting tourist attractions surely we buy something like buying swimwear, food, cigarettes and souvenirs. You should use the local language to be mistaken for a local person and get a cheap price.

Maybe that's all tips on traveling hopefully useful....

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