Who Is Ziva Magnolya Indonesian Idol 2019 contestant

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edukasibahasainggris-Good evening every body wherever you are, may in good condition and happy situation, Amin. In this occation I would like to shere about Indonesian Idol 2019, Do you like watch Television? exaclly Indonesian Idol? if you do, it mean that same as me. hehe. edukasibahasainggris has shered about "Formasi CPNS" before and about "Biografi Lengkap Afridza Syach Munandar (Pembalap Asal Tasikmalaya)". Well, every body ofcourse known who is Who Is Ziva Magnolya (Indonesian Idol 2019), because she has a unique and melodious voice and is supported by an attractive appearance. but Before I share who Ziva Magnolya is, it would be better if we know what Indonesian Idol is. Indonesia ldol is a talent search event adopted from Pop Idol (UK) with sponsorship from FremantleMedia in collaboration with RCTI. This event is an idol search in the field of singing. Indonesian Idol has become the biggest reality event in Indonesia. Wikipedia

Ziva Magnolya succeeded in capturing the Indonesian Idol X judges because of her unique singing voice and style and cute appearance, and not only the judges and friends, Ziva also managed to attract the hearts of foreign singers.

Well, Now l will shere to you about her biography. 
Complete Name : Ziva Magnolya
Age : 18 Years Old
Citizenship Country: Indonesia 
Residence : Perum Citra Gran Cibubur West Java 
Religion: Christian

- SMPK Penabur Kota Wisata Cibubur 
- West Java - SMA Negeri 2 Gunung Putri Cibubur - West Java 
National Development University (UPN) Jakarta 
Father's Name: Stevanus Muskita 
Mother's Name: Cindy Asie Busel 

Social Media:
-Instagram: @zivamagnolya 
-YouTube: Ziva Magnolya 
-Facebook account: https://id-id.facebook.com/public/Ziva-Magnolya
-Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ zivammb140301Job: Student of University


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